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Why working in logistics can kill you

IF members of the public were asked what they consider to be the most dangerous occupations – barring military service, of course – it is quite likely a sizeable number would highlight roles working as a law enforcer, in the fire-fighting services or maybe on an oil rig, writes Thelma Etim.

Not so, according to a new research tool called How Dangerous is Your Life? Logistics – encompassing the transportation and storage sector – remarkably appears to be the world’s most dangerous occupation, with an annual 0.63 per cent chance of death or injury, according to research. Logistics is closely followed by mining, quarrying, energy and water supply, all with a 0.49 per cent chance of disaster.

Utilising official data collected by the UK Office for National Statistics, the Department for Transport, the Health and Safety Executive and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the tool identifies the riskiest occupations.

Earning a living working in logistics

Crikey! Who’d have thought being a freight forwarder was so lethal?

How Dangerous is Your Life allows anyone to discover how high their risk of injury or death is over the next 12 months, including factors such as their commute to work, hobbies, favourite holiday destinations and even their choices of pet.

It gets worse for anyone earning a living working in logistics who also has a penchant for riding motorcycles or taking part in some physical contact sports.

Motorcyclists who also play American football – probably not at the same time – lead the most dangerous lifestyles, the data shows, particularly if they happen to work in transportation and storage, a lethal combination which earns them a 22 per cent chance of being killed or seriously injured in the next year.

The research also reveals that the enclaved African Kingdom of Lesotho, encircled by South Africa, has an annual death rate of 15 people per 1,000, hence its notorious ranking at the top of the CIA’s list of most dangerous countries to live in. Surprisingly, Lesotho is followed by Lithuania, with its 2017 death rate of 14.6 people per 1,000, according to How Dangerous is Your Life?

And, now for the good news. Travelling by aeroplane, or train, are the safest options, with almost no risk at all (presumably if you reject their food offerings), according to the figures; and Qatar is the best destination for a stress-free holiday, with a current death rate of just 1.7 people per 1,000, the research shows.

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