About us

Publisher: Nigel Tomkins, co-founder and launch editor of Air Cargo News

NIGEL has more than 30 years’ experience writing and researching global air cargo matters.

A noted air cargo industry conference and event moderator, he particularly enjoys the challenge of unearthing exclusive information and is not afraid to tackle controversial issues.

“At ACE we will be stripping out the sugar-coated gloss where necessary and will always endeavour to present the truth, even if it hurts a little.”

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Editor: Thelma Etim, former BBC News Online journalist, Trinity Newspaper Group news editor and, more recently, deputy editor of Air Cargo News

THELMA has more than 15 years’ journalism experience. She thrives on researching and writing about the bigger air cargo picture, whether it is via a fresh look at economic trends or face-to-face interviews with leading players.

She enjoys digging out exclusives and brings an enthusiastic global outlook.

“ACE provides a uniquely new approach to air cargo publishing because we are not constrained by advertising revenue and the editorial muzzle that comes with it.

“If we need to, we’ll ask all the difficult questions – and then publish the unvarnished truth,” she adds.

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